The emotion module (Figure 8) consists of hardware and software components. It utilizes the Electro-Dermal Activity (EDA) Sensors to analyse  the emotional state. The reliability of the emotional test detection has been assessed by a validation framework. The ABC validation framework consists of the following components:

  • HTML5 / Java Script / CSS3 for the user interface of the application presenting the sounds to the user and allowing the user to rate them individually.

Java Application running in the background to manage the persistence of the results in an XML layer, where the results are stored in different XML files. This application captures the start and end time of every sound and the user’s rating. On the other side all raw signals and interpretations are as well captured in a different XML file.

Besides, the ABC emotion detection and monitoring System (EDMS) has been integrated with the ABC communicator. The final version of the prototype was tested with 15 users at AVAPACE in Valencia.

The EDMS produces following UDP messages and sends them to the ABC Communicator:

  • emoEMONr: sends the currently detected emotional state to the ABC communicator
  • emoMSGnr: tells the ABC Communicator to show a text message to the user
  • emoAUDnr: tells the ABC Communicator to play an audio file to the user
  • emoMOVnr:  tells the ABC Communicator to play a movie to the user


Figure 9. Scope and components of the EDMS.


Figure 10. Health monitoring system: the chest band, the tablet and the PC used as server connected via bluetooth.